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NOW Psyllium Powder

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Dietary fiber is not only important for digestive health and good stool quality, but a healthy gut bacterial environment translates into balanced internal immunity. Psyllium, a water-soluble fiber, is a pre-biotic that increases your dog’s beneficial or “good” intestinal bacteria. Fertilizing these “bugs” improve intestinal health, digestion and absorption of nutrients and promote consistent formed, easy to pick up stool.


Your dog’s healthy gut also promotes a balanced internal immunity that maximizes defense against infection yet reduce the symptoms of allergies, which are immune over-reactions. Psyllium provides the necessary fiber for our all meat or ultra-high protein meal plans formulated to manage cancer or diabetes or our programs for normal dogs that owners wish to feed a more carnivorous diet.


NOW Foods is a well-respected human supplement company whose products fill health food stores and fitness centers. NOW USDA Organic Psyllium Powder is corn,dairy, egg, gluten, sugar, nut and soy free. It is also a kosher, low sodium and vegan product made and bottled in a GMP, FDA inspected facility.

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