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We build programs so that you can prepare meals that are both delicious and completely balanced with all of the nutrients for exceptional health in every meal (no need to rotate, like some diets). But best of all, you tell us about your dogs' health status then you get to choose among the ingredients that are specifically selected for your dogs' health profile. You get to control the bowl!

Sample personalized meal plan demonstrating the recipe included in each starter kit.


On this page you may select which dog profile fits your dog best. There are three options to choose among:

      ·   Normal Adult Dogs

      ·   Dogs with Food Allergies

      ·   And Dogs with Medical Conditions

Our Normal Adult Meal Plans allow you to include up to four dogs. We will combine their information and calculate how much to make. We do all the math so you don’t have to. Each serving size is broken out for you, for each dog at each meal.

If your fur family has MORE THAN ONE health condition you may purchase additional suitable recipes. Just select your ingredients and fill out a profile for them.

You may notice the pictures on the links below. They will act as a guide as you proceed through the site. Whenever you see the jumping dog image you know that page includes information about normal adult dogs. If the background has a scratching dog, then that page it is about dogs with food allergies. And lastly, the medical pages have the dog parent image.

We hope these references will ease your navigation.

Please note that all of our recipes are for adult dogs, puppies should be kept on puppy food until they reach full skeletal growth. This time frame varies by breed so check with your veterinarian to get specific information about your dog.

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I have a normal adult dog
My dog has food allergies
My dog has a medical condition