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Scientifically formulated meals ...

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We make it easier for you ...

...and healthier for them.

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Personalized meals start here...

How it Works:

Image showing the three dog profiles: normal adult dog, dog with food allergies, and dog with a medical condition
Determine your dog's profile among normal adult dogs, dogs with food allergies or dogs with medical conditions.
We specialize in medical recipes.
Explore the various  family options within your dog's profile, such as instant or high protein.
Image shows a normal adult dog for each of the four custom recipe formulation: economy, high protein, instant, or ultra high protein
Image shows a sampling of questions on the form used to request a custom recipe
Pick which meat you would like to use and see which carbohydrates are available with that option from our curated list.
When you are ready, tell us about your dog's health concerns, food preferences, allergies, and fitness level etc. You may include up to 4 dogs (who have the same health profile).
Image shows a sampling of questions on the form used to request a custom recipe
Image shows a sampling of the carbohydrates available for a custom recipe
From the list that is curated for your dog's profile, select which carbohydrate you would prefer.
Then, we formulate a meal plan to specifically meet your fur family's, needs, and preferences. Complete with mixing directions and serving sizes for each dog.
Sample Healthier Homemade recipe
High Priority mailing box
In just a few days, your package will arrive with the nutrients you need and your dog's meal formulation!
At the grocery store: You select the high quality meat protein and carbohydrates, according to your personalized plan. (No recalls to worry about!)
Woman at a meat counter selecting which cut she prefers
Bowls, utensils, nutrients, scale, and cooked ingredients gathered for mixing dog food.
Once all of the utensils and ingredients are gathered, we will walk you through each step to make preparation easy and fun!
Your happy dog enjoys the benefits of spectacular health from eating dog food that is wholesome, delicious, and completely balanced at every meal.
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