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Nutrient jar

The Well Dog Nutrient Formula

Vitamin and Mineral Essentials (With Micronutrients) [390 grams]

When measured and used as directed, each container will last approximately one month for a 50 lb. dog, two months for a 23 lb. dog and 4 months for an 8 lb. dog.

$ 38.95 USD
Nutrient jar

Non-GMO Soybean Oil

Life Oil Soybean oil is produced by a family owned company in Farmington, MI. The oil is natural, with no chemical additives, made from 100% non-GMO beans. The oil is extracted from beans using an expeller pressed process rather than chemical extraction like commonly used oils. Life Oil also guarantees the oil is free from contamination of genetically modified organisms.

$ 14.00 USD
Nutrient jar

Psyllium Husk Powder

Our Organic Psyllium Powder is corn,dairy, egg, gluten, sugar, nut and soy free. It is also a kosher, low sodium and vegan product made and bottled in a GMP, FDA inspected facility.

Dietary fiber is not only important for digestive health and good stool quality, but a healthy gut bacterial environment translates into balanced internal immunity. Psyllium, a water-soluble fiber, is a pre-biotic that increases your dog’s beneficial or “good” intestinal bacteria. Fertilizing these “bugs” improve intestinal health, digestion and absorption of nutrients and promote consistent formed, easy to pick up stool.

$ 25.00 USD
Nutrient jar

The Well Dog Omega 3 Oil

Our Well Dog Omega 3 oil is sourced from fresh caught sardine, herring, mackerel and anchovies from the clean, sustainable waters of Iceland. It is molecularly distilled, cold pressed and deodorized to provide Omega 3 fatty acids in their most biologically available forms of DHA and EPA and are free of GMO ingredients. This process removes PCB’s, lead and other contaminants.

$ 22.95 USD
Nutrient jar


Meal plans formulated to help manage chronic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, liver shunts, struvite and cystine urinary crystals and stones must be protein restricted.

Healthier Homemade meal plans want to promote maximum heart health but manage your dog’s restricted protein needs. We supplement our low protein diet with taurine. By adding taurine, we are protecting your dog from developing a large, poorly functioning heart without increasing the diets protein levels that would interfere with managing the symptoms of kidney diseases, liver shunts and urinary crystals and stones.

$ 33.00 USD

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Looking for some variety? If you wish to purchase additional Personalized Meal Plans, please Complete the form below. We will be in touch right away!

All of our recipes are individually crafted after we connect with your veterinarian to make sure that our formulation correctly reflects your dog's health status. At this step we identify any other medical conditions. It is critical because there may be medical considerations that your veterinarian knows of that could influence the appropriateness of diet selection.

This relationship with your veterinarian is a key part of our program, because diet should never be used in isolation to treat medical conditions. It is the integration of local treatment with diet that makes this program yield real results. With each medical formulation we provide you with ideas about some local treatments you might expect as part of the overall plan.

Medical Recipes are $98.00
Normal Dog Recipes are $64.00

Each recipe can include up to 4 dogs as long as they have the same health status.

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