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Diabetes in Dogs

Integrating Custom Homemade Recipes into Medical Programs for Dogs with Diabetes:


Diabetes in dogs is caused by a lack of insulin production in the pancreas combined with a decreased response of body cells to insulin. Insulin allows body cells to absorb sugar from the blood which the cells use as an energy source for cell activity. Inability to absorb sugar from the blood causes very high levels of sugar to accumulate in the blood and is responsible for all of the symptoms like increased water consumption, increased urination, cataracts, and worst case, acidosis, liver and kidney disease.


Weight loss is also common as these patients are literally “starving at a banquet.” Diets that are low or contain no carbohydrates (sugar) help with blood sugar regulation. Healthier Homemade dog food recipes for diabetes have a calorie distribution that is considered favorable for diabetes patients, meaning that it consists more of protein-rich sources (primarily meat) and has fewer or no carbohydrates (sugar).


These Ultra-High Protein recipes are appropriate for adult dogs but they are not formulated for puppies. All Healthier Homemade recipes for diabetes exceeds the AAFCO and NRC daily nutrient requirements.  All meat or ultra-high meat diets are very low in fiber, which is important for optimum intestinal health. All Healthier Homemade recipes for diabetes include water soluble psyllium husk fiber. This type of fiber promotes “good bacteria” growth in the intestine to promote intestinal health.


Your dog’s diet is only one tool for diabetes management, it is not a substitute for a comprehensive veterinary treatment program. A comprehensive treatment program includes twice daily insulin injections. Unfortunately, there are no oral alternative treatments for sugar regulation. Expecting dramatic results with just a diet change is unrealistic and may delay important treatments. Frequent veterinary lab monitoring, weight management and strict nutritional guidance are also an important part of a treatment plan.


Often the onset of diabetes in older patients is due to an undiagnosed underlying condition. Frequent veterinary exams and monitoring can discover these problems sooner for a speedier intervention. Healthier Homemade recipes for diabetes may not be appropriate for patients that also have dietary restrictions for other conditions (kidney disease, urinary stones, liver shunts, inflammatory disease/chronic enteropathy and short bowel syndrome).


Each Healthier Homemade Starter Kit includes a nutrition data fact sheet, so owners and their veterinarians can see that all of the 42 daily essential nutrients exceed 100% of AAFCO and NRC levels in meals prepared with our recipes, when used as directed. Commercial prescription diets, especially kibble, may be unappealing. Freshly cooked meals make a difference!

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