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Pancreatitis in Dogs

Integrating Custom Homemade Recipes into Medical Programs for Dogs with Chronic Pancreatitis


Dogs of any age can experience a bout of pancreatitis caused by consuming extremely fatty human food. Middle to older age dogs with pancreatitis are generally suffering ongoing inflammation of the pancreas. In either case, there is a leakage of enzymes that break down protein and fat into the abdominal cavity. These enzymes cause a peritonitis (severe inflammation of the abdominal cavity wall) that produces the pain, vomiting, and diarrhea associated with the disease.


Decreasing the fat content of the diet reduces inflammation and helps relieve the distressing symptoms as well as manage the disease in older dogs with chronic pancreatitis. Healthier Homemade dog food recipes for pancreatitis have a calorie distribution that is considered favorable for pancreatitis patients meaning that it has fewer calories from fats. These low fat, homemade diets decrease enzyme production in the pancreas and eliminate or reduce the number and severity of episodes of pancreatitis when use as directed.


Diet is only one tool for the management of pancreatitis, it is not a substitute for a comprehensive veterinary treatment plan. Such a plan may include periodic anti-vomiting medication and appetite stimulants, periodic pain relief, periodic antibiotics, and rarely, but possibly, hospitalization with fluid therapy. Expecting dramatic results with just a diet change is unrealistic and may delay important treatments.


Low-fat recipes are not appropriate for normal adult dogs, or puppies. Over time, dogs on these diets may lose the luster and softness of their fur due to the low-fat content of the diet to manage their disease. We encourage owner of dogs with pancreatitis to work with their veterinarian and supplement soybean oil included in the Healthier Homemade dog food program into periodic meals (every other to every 3 days). The amount will vary depending of the severity of the patient’s pancreatic disease.


Please be assured that all Healthier Homemade recipes for pancreatitis exceed AAFCO and NRC requirements for all nutrients and meets the NRC minimum requirements for total fat and essential fatty acids, but recipes for pancreatitis may not be appropriate for patients that also have dietary restrictions for other conditions (kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, urinary crystals and stones, diabetes or cancer).


Each Starter Kit includes a nutrition data fact sheet, so owners and their veterinarians can see that all of the 42 daily essential nutrients are in the meals prepared with our recipes, when used as directed. Commercial prescription diets, especially kibble, may be unappealing. Freshly cooked meals make a difference!

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