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Non-GMO Soybean Oil

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For maximum protection from virus, bacterial and fungal infection and cancer cells, dogs need 8 times the amount of omega 6 essential fatty acids than omega 3 essential fatty acids. Soybean oil is one of the richest sources of body ready, bioavailable omega 6 essential fatty acid called, linoleic acid.


The concentrated amount of linoleic in soybean oil allows us to offer meal plans with high fat containing meats and still offer moderate total dietary fat. It also allows programs that meet the fat restriction necessary for meal plans to manage inflammatory bowel disease, pancreatitis and short bowel syndrome without compromising the amount of linoleic acid needed for maximum immune health.


Sunflower, safflower, flax seed, olive oil and other seed, coconut or avocado oils contain crude omega 6 fats that need to be refined to linoleic acid. Conversion or “refinement” of omega 6 to linoleic acid by dogs and humans is very poor, so larger amounts of total fat would exceed your dog’s total fat needs.


Life Oil Soybean oil is produced by a family owned company in Farmington, MI. The oil is natural, with no chemical additives, made from 100% non-GMO beans. The oil is extracted from seeds using an expeller pressed process rather than chemical extraction like commonly used oils. Life Oil also guarantees the oil is free from contamination of genetically modified organisms.

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