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Shows sample Personalized Meal Plan, a recipe created individually for your fur family according to your dog's health profile
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Personalized Meal Plan

Once you select a Starter Kit, we go to work formulating a Meal Plan recipe just for you!

We build programs so that you can prepare meals that are both delicious and completely balanced with all of the nutrients for exceptional health in every meal (no need to rotate, like some diets). But best of all, you tell us about your dogs' health status then you get to choose among the ingredients that are specifically selected for your dogs' health profile. You get to control the bowl!

Dog with paws around bowl which reads "Control the Bowl -"

Each recipe is individually crafted by Dr. Tudor for the the unique needs of your fur family.

Our price is $64.00 for Normal Adult Dogs or $98.00 for Dogs with Medical Conditions.

Normally, you can expect to pay $250 or more for custom recipes.

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What Your Personalized Meal Plan includes:

  • Our recipes allow choice of meat and carbohydrates that are curated for your dog's personalized profile
  • You may include up to 4 dogs with the same profile in your Personalized Meal Plan
  • You may choose a cooking frequency of each day up to once a week
  • Complete instructions for purchasing ingredients and preparation
  • Natural weight management through fitness score serving size
  • Video tutorials for each step of the preparation, storage and feeding
  • Recipe that shows "mixable" sized batches in case you are preparing large amounts
  • Feeding instructions broken out for each dog at each meal (up to 4 dogs)

Chart for calculating dog's fitness based on lean or full observable conformation.
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