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Meal plans formulated to help manage chronic kidney disease, glomerulonephritis, liver shunts, struvite and cystine urinary crystals and stones must be protein restricted. Dietary protein restriction reduces dietary essential amino acids. These meal plans walk a tightrope between necessary minimum levels of protein and essential amino acids yet manage the symptoms of the diseases for which they are formulated. There are certain essential amino acids (must be in the diet on a daily basis) vital to maximum heart function and size.


Healthier Homemade meal plans want to promote maximum heart health but manage your dog’s restricted protein needs. We supplement our low protein diet with taurine. By adding taurine, we are protecting your dog from developing a large, poorly functioning heart without increasing the diets protein levels that would interfere with managing the symptoms of kidney diseases, liver shunts and urinary crystals and stones.


Pure is a well-respected human supplement company whose products fill health food stores and fitness centers. Pure Taurine is wheat, dairy, egg, gluten, sugar, nut, soy, fish, shellfish and GMO free. It is also a kosher, low sodium and vegan product made and bottled in a GMP, FDA inspected facility.

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