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The Well Dog Nutrient Powder

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Healthy cell, proper immune and heart and nerve function require a proper balance of vitamins and minerals. 95% of all homemade (cooked and raw) dog food recipes or programs lack many of these important nutrients.

Our complete nutrient powder is formulated and bottled in Billings, MT at a human, GMP certified lab. All ingredients are sourced from the United States, are free from irradiation and GMO ingredients. Our nutrients do not contain food sources, but only purified vitamins, minerals and amino acids to ensure maximum bioavailability and avoid possible allergic reactions. Our nutrients are made in compliance of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are fit for human consumption.

When measured and used as directed, each container will last approximately one month for a 50 lb. dog, two months for a 23 lb. dog and 4months for an 8 lb. dog.

Our price $38.95

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